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Happy Birthday Ramon (Niguel Motors)!

25 April 2007
So Cal
Just wanted to say happy b-day Ramon, its the big 5-0!!! I know you're working even today so maybe you'll see this after a few partypoker tournaments!
Ramon's helped me and just about every other NSX owner I know in a big way! Everytime I'm at the shop people will tell me how much they appreciate his service whether they drive an acura, honda, volvo or NSX.

Thanks Ramon!

(oh and whats up Tom and Nate!)

Happy Birthday Ramon!!!

Here is a pic of you on the way down from Palomar.


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Happy Birthday dude!!!
Wow 50, Happy B-Day. "Old Guys" RULE!!
Happy Bday "Kabayan"
Happy Birthday Ramon! :biggrin:
Okay... everybody join in...

(To the tune of "Happy Birthday To You")
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to Ramooooon
Happy Birthday to you.

The big 50... way to go.

Ps. Love to color of your NSX. :wink:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bossing!!! where is the party at?...:smile:
Ramon, Since your 50 now do I need to arrange to have your driven to the SoCal BBQ 6/1 or are you still OK to drive? :eek:

Happy b-day

as stated above we appreciate all that you do and your friendship to many.
happy bday! :smile: good luck in your business.

gota make time to meet some of you guys down in the OC!