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Hard to get into gear, what is the problem?

9 May 2000
Today, I took my 92 NSX on a trip and noticed that it was very difficult to get into gear. I thought at first it was because the transmission was cold (I also run Redline tranny fluid) but after an hour of driving it was still difficult to get into gear, especially reverse. I have 49,000 miles on it and about 19,000 miles on the RM Clutch. I do not think that my clutch is bad because it is not slipping and graps very well. What do you guys think the problem is? It is also in the snap-ring range! Any advice---6-speed or ring and pinion? Please help!
any unusual noises? if you pump the pedal does that help? inspect fluid for contamination, anything besides clear should replaced. Inspect clutch master (check for damp carpet around the pedals) and slave for any sign of leaks. if all of the above is ok, bleed the clutch as there may be air in the line.
Hopefully the OP got this problem figured out in the last 13 years
blahahaha it totally populated under new posts! oh well, someone will need this advice some day... ;)

ps. Hi Larry, my NSX out of NY is still going strong!
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in for a good lol.............
Snap ring!

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Had this problem on my first 92 NSX. Happen twice :frown:. Stop the power shifting just shift it normal :wink:.
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At least after 13 years somebody offered to help.
My initial thought on a 92 would have been if it is in the snap ring range. But as mentioned above, hopefully the issue has been resolved by now.