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Harness Bar = No CD Changer??

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi, I recently fit my harness bar in my 91. The first thing I noticed is that the car's handling became a little twichier... But it could be just a placebo effect... As soon as I take it on highway, I know it's not an illusion. The interior noise seems to be muted down a little (but without the side (seat belt mounting) panel) I can hear the engine noise more.

More noticeably, My CD changer keeps skipping... Yes my Interstate Hwy could be one of the worst (very rough edges, ridges, and coarse finish) But I really have a mixed feeling for all the modification I made...

Any tips on dampening the vibration to the CD Changer?? BTW, I don't have the "flippable" CD changer bracket but a fixed one.

PS.. My car had 10/12k TeinRA with 17/17 tires.