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Harness Kits

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I was reading the FAQ section on Harness Kits. I am considering installing some 4 point belts and harness bar. I'm looking at RM Racing and Dali Racings setups. Any feedback would be appreciated.
I'm using Dali racing bars with momo rookie seat. They are pretty easy to install and are very good quality. As with RM, I saw it in somebody elses. If you're tall, u might want to opt for RM's. Cause they do not limit the movement of the seat. I'm 5'9". That's why I choose DAli racing's. Cause they look more rigid and strong. Don't forget to get the SCCA bars if u opt to get the Dali Racing's.
I uses Dali racing harness bars and very satisfied with it. It is very good quality and easy to install. If you're tall however, u might want to choose RM's. Cause the Dali limit your seat movements. I'm 5'9" and have no problem with Dali's.
From my observations the RM unit seems to be the least intrusive and the simplest to install. It'll be the one I get. After the gears, springs, supercharger...