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Have you replaced your clutch or timing belts?

3 April 2002
Lee's Summit,MO/8mmLake of the Ozarks
At what point (miles and/or years) did you replace them. I checked the FAQ in this site, but I would like to know from others. Have a two 96t's i'm looking at buying, both with less than 30k.

Clutch, Timing Belt & Water Pump replaced at 107,000 miles (1 month before I bought the car!

'91 Black/Black
For a 93, service was done on 11/7/01 with ~95k miles.

CT Clutch
Timing Belt
Water Pump
Inner Axel Boot kit
Cam Plugs
Vtec Sensor o-ring
Clutch life can vary from under 30K miles to over 90K. I take my car to a lot of track events and replaced the clutch at 38K.

Timing belt is recommended to be replaced at 6 years or 90K miles, whichever comes first. Because I didn't have the miles, I felt comfortable stretching the time by 2 more years, and replaced it 8 years after purchased new, at 39K miles.
Clutch at 44,000. Needed it at 40k IMO, also plugs at 44k. They too over due, but i had just bought car. Timing belts, valve adjust, and new O2 sensors as well as water pump, this fall when i hit @50,000. Any one know about the water pump? I heard the 91's get one for free or something? Hmm.