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Have you sure dyed your carpet?

22 August 2010
Concord, CA
Hey all,
I recently pulled out my Ivory carpet and am deciding between an aftermarket or dying it with Rit dye. If you have experience with dying your carpet and you're local to NorCal can you drop me a PM? Would much appreciate it.

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The previous owner dyed the whole interior of my car. Looked find when I got it but is starting to fade now. Id just buy a new black carpet.
Great do post pictures when you're done. I ended up doing mine too but they didn't turn out as expected. Instead of turning black they turned dark blue. I'm actually really happy about the mistake in color so I guess it all works out. But not what I expected at all. I used the Rit Black Dye (not dyemore)

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if you are using dyemore, isnt it supposed to be on hot water for 30 minutes? what process did you follow, could you share pics of the result?
Turned out very good, deep black, except for 1 issue....using hot water "shrinks" the carpet. Now my carpets are a bit off. If I were to do it again, I would use warm water, 3 bottles per side.
did you use a kiddie pool to soak all the pieces? and you didn't wash them afterwards correct? I assume you use the graphite color since it's the closest color to black
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I didn't have a kiddie pool, so I used an ikea garbage pail. 1 bottle of dye per session. The pail wasn't deep enough, so I rolled up carpet (minus the padding at the back) and dunked one side at a time for 10 mins, then flipped. 40 mins total per session. After each session, I rinsed in cold water and hung to dry. 3 sessions for driver side, 3 for passenger.

Yes, I used graphite. 6 bottles for the big carpet pieces. The sides and misc used another bottle. I'm not sure if by using warm water the dye will be as effective, but worse case is you need another bottle or 2. You can see the colour change after each bottle. Once it reaches dark blue after rinsing, you know you are close.
Hi all- I am bumping this old thread in lieu of starting a new one.

Has anyone ever tried to dye red carpet to black? Or does anyone have a sense as to whether or not this would even work? Thanks!


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