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Head’s up to 2017 owners about demise of Acuralink for your cars

18 October 2015
Cleveland area, OH
A poster on the RLX forum I frequent posted an email he received from Acura. In short, its wireless provider is shutting down its 3G coverage and so Acuralink cannot be provided. Involved models are

2014-2017 MDX
2015-2017 TLX
2016-2017 ILX
2014-2016 RLX
2016-2017 RDX
2017 NSX

Direct link to info here: https://crrs.secure.force.com/acura...S&c=Division_Subdivision:Acura&fs=Search&pn=1

Here’s the email, if you haven’t received it yet:

Thank you for being a valued AcuraLink customer.

We want to make you aware of upcoming third party wireless technology changes that will impact your AcuraLink subscription services.

North American telecommunications providers are making changes to their legacy cellular networks. As a result, we have been notified by our wireless provider that they will be terminating their CDMA (3G) cellular network. The decision to phase out this technology was made at the discretion of the respective cellular carriers and is beyond the control of Acura.

How This Will Impact Your AcuraLink Subscription Services

Your 2014 Acura RLX relies on the CDMA (3G) cellular network to deliver AcuraLink subscription services to you.

As of August 24, 2021, AcuraLink will no longer renew annual subscriptions. Your subscription service will remain active until your current annual paid plan has expired, either on or before August 23, 2022, at which time your services will be terminated.

These services may include:
AcuraLink Premium: Personal concierge services to make hotel, restaurant or airline reservations.
AcuraLink Connect: Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Send Destination, Find My Car, Destination by Voice, Vehicle Status, and Security Alarm Alert.
AcuraLink Standard: Real Time Traffic and Maintenance Reminders.
How To Continue Using AcuraLink Subscription Services

You may continue to access your AcuraLink subscription services if the hardware in your vehicle is updated with a new device. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Coupon Code For A New Acura

Below is a coupon code valued at $1,500 which can be applied to the purchase or lease of your next Acura. This coupon code is valid for one year. Provide this code to your dealer for $1,500 towards the lease or purchase of a new Acura.


Although these circumstances were caused by factors beyond our control, we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause.

For more information, click the button below.


AcuraLink Customer Care
pita..but I'm sure there will be a aftermarket fix...btw love the ending ad for a new acura...:rolleyes:
I doubt there will either be an aftermarket or official Acura hardware resolution.

GM does this, too. I’ve owned two GM products in which OnStar was discontinued because cell provider dropped their 2G coverage. GM’s solution was essentially what Acura writes above. Only way around it, if you are desperate for those services, is a newer car.

Acura also went through this with the 2G RL, which had OnStar. OnStar services were discontinued because of loss of their 2G coverage.

The times we are in…planned obsolescence even for car services.
did you sort out your AC?
I called them Thursday to ask questions - mine renewed yesterday for another year then done. I guess good timing on my renewal, not that I really need it other than insurance discount for tracking.
did you sort out your AC?

Just returned from tech sessions and lunch. Issue has been diagnosed and treated for the most part. The advantage of going to XPO is that there are many people there who know more about my NSX than I do. Shad is the man! And Brian K with his electrical system knowledge. Anyhow, AC clutch bearing is worn, and makes a nasty roaring noise. Compressor to be replaced again upon my return home.

Great XPO so far!
I hope your Go Pro hat is jammin!
My 2017 Volvo XC90 has a 4g SIM card. Earlier models had a 3g sim. Several people have just purchased 4g sims and swapped them out. I tried do some initial research on where the modem is located in the NC1. I was unsuccessful. Does anyone know the location? The other issue was that Acura would not allow their modem to be accessed by ATT so that I could have a WiFi hotspot in the car. There are modems that are aftermarket from ATT. One plugs into the OBD2 while the other plugs into the usb. The reason I did not go that route is that ATT then sees this as a smart phone account so the monthly charge goes from $10 to $25 per month.