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Header and superchargers

5 November 2001
portland OR
This question is for the 3.0L nsx owners. Has any one noticed a hp increase by adding headers? Could you tell the difference? I am also wondering about the effect the headers would have on a supercharged NSX. The reason I ask is the I am interested in buying the Basch system. I have hade a supercharged Integra before. Jackson recommended not putting headers on. They said this would actualy decrease power. The reason they gave me was that the headers that were out there for the Integra were for normally aspirated engines. i.e. they had small primarys. Now I wonder how this applies to the NSX. Has anyone done any dyno results of before and after. Supercharged with header vs no header.

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While it's apples and oranges, 3.0L cars dynoed with the Basch system varied in roughly 20 RWHP with headers. My car had approx 20hp more with headers, about the amount I expected from the NA RWHP.

-- Chris

I am asking this because I would like to buy the DC headers. I don't want to buy something that would effect the supercharger performance later. So this is why I ask if anyone has done dyno results on a supercharged car with and without the headers.

Thanks for the info.