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20 April 2000
Minot ND / Las Vegas NV
I read on on a NSX site that headers take 6 hours to install! IS that true? I skimmed over the article because I was late for work. But I read something about removing a lower suspension brace? I'm going to get the DC Sports headers does anyone know how they install and how long it takes? Any info will help. Thanks
Lud is correct in his reply on the header installation. I had Randy at RM Racing install mine and it took him 4 hours to install the headers and he has done many of them. It might be better to have someone with experience install them for you, they came be tough and time consuming.
Totally agree,

4 hours is about the fastest for an experienced person to do them. First time, realistically 6-10 hours.

Like Lud said, run into a rusted bolt, and you are not used to dealing with that all the time, it could kill an hour easy. Hand tools, no air, not a COMPLETE set of good extensions, mmm.......

If it is your first time, plan 10 and hope for the best. Don't rush, it should not be a "timed" event :). Make sure you have 6 point deep sockets, 12mm essential. READ the FAQ