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Headers: Differences between '91 and '96?

15 June 2000
What are the differences between the 2 years? Will Comptech headers from a '96 fit on a '91? I'm going to call Comptech in the morning and also NSX modified but am hoping someone here knows. I was all happy about getting the headers and started checking out other parts to get when I stumbled onto the different listings Comptech has for the headers
I'm hoping that it isn't anything significant. Thanks for any info you may have!
The headers from 1991-96 will fit on any NSX in that range. However, the exit end of the headers is different for 1991-94 and 1995-96, and if you take a 1995-96 and put on a 1991-94 spec header, you will have to change your cats and exhaust as well, and vice-versa. I heard that the 1997+ headers will fit on a 1991-94 and 1995-96, but I can't confirm this right now.

FWIW the '95-99 will fit on the early cars but requires an adapter kit from Comptech that retails for $159. I ended up buying Comptech headers from a '96 this past weekend (too good of a deal to pass up) after finding out this info. I can't wait to get the headers on my car (finally) and I ordered the bypass pipes as well. I just have to wait for that spare ECU to come in so I can mod it with a Dali chip