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Headlights opening unevenly

20 January 2004
This is probably not that big a deal but it is just barely enough to bother me: my headlights are no longer opening at exactly at the same rate/speed. My passenger-side light is getting to its fully open position just barely a moment before the driver-side. Both lights retract perfectly simultaneously though. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there something I can do to fix it, like replacing both retraction motors?

My suspicion is that this is related to the cold, although I don't remember a similar issue last winter. Do you guys ever just park with the headlamps up? Generally if it is raining or the headlights are wet, I leave them open but with the snow I am not sure which option is better.
I am away from the computer that has the service manual, and I don't know for sure, but it might be a lubrication issue. It should be obvious where to lubricate the mechanism, although of course it would be best to consult the manual to ensure it's done in the right place and with the correct lubricant.

My lights ('91) go up a fraction of a second apart from each other, they're not quite in synch, but they never fail to open, and it does not bother me. Maybe you are perceiving a problem that isn't there.

I live in SoFla, so no worries about snow or the pop-ups freezing in the down position, so, no advice to offer there.
I'm curious about this too. My passenger side is a hair slower than my drivers side. I noticed it the very first time I turn the lights on and it kind of bothers me a bit since my other two previous cars didn't do that.
I don't know how bad mine are, but they do come up at different rates. So much that I lift the lights with the button first and then turn the lights on. This way I don't see the beams on the street come up at different times. I don't have a service manual but am interested in a quick fix!
I'll check the lubricating points, good idea. Just gotta wait for things to warm up a little. I do think this is probably not that big a deal but I know they were going up and down perfectly in sync before so now I feel like I've "lost" a little something.

Also in regards to headlights up/down in the snow; for the first time I ran into the issue of my doors freezing shut. It's my second NSX winter now but the first time that there was just enough rain/sleet to cover the car while still being cold enough to actually freeze the door shut. I got them open eventually with some careful yanking and removing some ice around the windows. The headlights on the other hand opened and closed with no issue. Guess that sometimes-unsightly gap around the headlamp covers has practical value.