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Heard a song today that reminded me of when I picked up my targa NSX

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
I was listening to an album that I hadn't heard in quite awhile, and it reminded me of when I first picked up my targa NSX. Thought I'd share the story :)

I had, at the time, a 1991 coupe when I was in the market for a targa top NSX. I found a 1995 Red T in Oregon. When I drove down to look at the car, I was in love! Glossy red (in much better condition than my current car) with chrome wheels with black centercaps with an in-layed chrome Acura "A" (great looking combination). With the targa top off, the owner and I went for a drive. I was amazed at how easy the targa top stowed. It literally could be done by one person in less than a minute.

This car was all about PASSION.

I eventually bought the car after about a month after selling my coupe.

I was at the time working at a client's site in Calgary, AB. I flew down from Calgary on Friday evening to pickup the car in Portland. The owner picked me up at the airport, and we drove to his house to wrap up the paperwork.

At about 9pm I was off. It was a warm late summer's evening. A few blocks from the previous owners house, I took off the t-top, and sunk back into that luxurious relaxing black leather cockpit. With the induction growl inches from my ears and the warm air gracefully flowing into the cockpit, I was in bliss.

The drive up to Seattle was fantastic. With the windows up and the music going, it was the perfect dream theater to enjoy the open road and the clear star-lit sky above.

I have yet to match those emotions with any other car :) Aromatherapy? massage? acupuncture? Not for me... the NSX is my Rx.

Here it is before I sold it:


-- Chris

Chris Willson
Did I miss something? You didn't say what the song was.

-Bob (who listened to Styx's "Mr. Roboto" on the drive into work today (true!))
Semisonic's "Temptation"

BTW, the success of "Closing Time" eludes me. What crap. The rest of the album, especially the accoustic stuff is great.

-- Chris


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