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Heat on my Feet

7 February 2001
I've noticed a strange, new occurence during the last couple of weeks. After a period of driving (maybe 30 minutes), I sometimes start to feel heat on my feet coming from the car.
Now if this was my vette, I would think nothing of it because it's standard. I always feel a heater on my feet.
However, considering that there is no motor over my feet in the NSX, where is this heat coming from???
It started a couple weeks ago. I checked to make sure my heater was off (everything was off).
My gauges look perfect. Temp is still just below the half-way point, steady as a rock. Car runs fine.

Any ideas where the heat can be coming from? Could something be stuck in the radiator?
Roast woodchuck perhaps?
Could one of the fans have broken?
I had a full coolant flush just a couple months ago when I did my timing belt and water pump. Is this normal?
This has definitely not happened before. In fact, with my windows rolled up, I can even smell that slight smell that comes from running the heater. help

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Just a thought...The situation you describe can occur when your system is off, but set to the fresh air mode. I believe the system will default to the last position setting before you last turned off the climate control system. If it was set to top/floor or just floor and your temp dial is set on the warmer side, you will get hot air flowing mildly through those vents. Other than that, you would have to check the shop manual to see what is routed through/under that area.
Ilya, just change from fresh to circulated and you won't feel it anymore.