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hello all

11 April 2008
i am a potential buyer in the near future and thought i would say hello. does anyone have any leads on places in the northeast with a lot of NSX activity. im looking for and 91,92 in the 20 to 25k range. any help would be greatly appreciated! i hope to be in one of these fine autos before summer. thanks again and nice to meet you guys.
First, welcome to Prime
Second, fill out your profile (we have no idea who and where you are, or when you're going to be looking in earnest)
Third, start checking junkyards and auctions for salvage NSX's
in your price range that's your best option, the high mileage in need of maintenance is your next place to look.
Fourth, do your homework, read all the posts about values, common problems, etc. than come on and ask your questions. There's a wealth of information from past posts, and everyone here will be more than willing to help someone who's willing to help themselves.
Fifth, check the for sale listings here, E-bay, Autotrader, etc
Sixth-Good luck, the car is certainly worth it, maybe you'll find that if you save a little more you'll be able to widen your search to include better condition cars that will treat you better from the start!
You won't like this answer, but in the long run you'll have less aggrivation and probably spend less too. You could get lucky and find a great NSX for $25k. It happens. Rarely. More often you find an NSX that needs work or has hidden problems for that price. If you save your money and bump your budget to $30k you will open up many more well maintained options. That's the route I would go.
thanks guys. been busy so i havent had time to fill out my profile. im in west chester PA. been keeping my eyes out. i hope to join the family soon. send a pm if you know of anything. nice to meet you!
I think your price range is doable, but tight. I bought my 92 in CT for $24,500 with 98k miles. I was lucky as it is in very good shape (and I would have gotten it cheaper if I knew about NSXPrime earlier because on prime the guy was asking 22k for it, so I lost big on that). So its possible.

Now all that said, in defense of the above statements, I have about 10k into it in repairs and minor upgrades. 4k for a clutch and other work, 4k for the full service and about 2k getting a few toys. Although, for an exotic, I believe its probably the least expensive to maintain as its a Honda.

Before you buy one be sure to speak to someone who knows the car. There are a few things to think about such as Snap-ring range, clutch life and next major service. Also (and this is the most important) don't let any dealer touch your car (my opinion). Larry Bastanza is an expert in the area in NY. Its worth the 2 hour drive. My 8k would have been 6k and the service would have been better. Lastly, I hope you have a second car, because it doesn't go in the snow. The only day my car saw snow was on the way home from the dealer as it was my own xmas gift I picked up on the 24th of December.
THANKS madbox. i am def taking all these things into consideration! i think its doable too. just need to find one in good shape, over 70k, and with timing belt, water pump ect already done! im talking to guy on here right now. im purposing he gets those services done then raise the price so i can finance it in to my bottom line
With your plan just be careful with who he has do the maintenance. When Larry B. did my timing belt he found things were not done correctly previously. I was lucky. Also, if it needs a clutch and its in snap ring range, you should have the case replaced. It will cost you a couple bucks but since you've got the tranny out already, its saving you about 1k (the cost to install a clutch, never mind the $1700 for the parts). Just don't get in too deep. Any car like this is a luxury that doesn't have a (monatary) return on investement. If you've got extra cash its one thing. I've nearly sold mine to put the cash toward more 'intelligent' invenstement. ....but I can't let her go....

Good Luck,
Probably hitting the Uconn Car show in the morning.