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Hello PACIFIC NORTHWEST! (Drama content also)

23 October 2000
Irvine, CA
Hello everyone,

I am now (for the next 3 months) a resident of the Pacific North West! [Kirkland, WA] to be specific!

Now for the drama of my voyage.. I had planned to leave from Orange County on Friday evening, pull into Stanford on friday night, and finish the drive all day saturday.

In preparation for the trip, I had brand new Yoko's put on last thursday... At about 9pm, an hour north of LA in the middle of nowhere, my left rear tire was punctured by something on the road, and dead immediately (with a hole in the sidewall and a whole 200 miles on it)

After speaking to roadside assistance, I made the decision to give the spare a crack, and It worked wonderfully. I pulled into Bakersfield, and got a room for the night.

The next day, I went to firestone and goodyear, and neither had tires of size 255/55 17... I had to settle for 245/45 17. That day I drove 14 straight hours and made it into Seattle late last night.

So, what do I do? I kept my blown tire, which I bought from discount tire... Is there a warranty there? If i have to buy a new rear, do I buy just 1 (to replace the wrong sized one), or do I buy 2 (since the good one has 1400 miles on it now)?

Also, my alignment appears to be hosed now... The car pulls hard to the right (the blowout was on the left side) Could this be a result of the different rear tire combination?

Thanks for the advise fellas, I look forward to experiencing Washington!

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Welcome to Seattle! I, and several other members are in about a 15 minute radius from you.

-- Chris


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The pull is probably due to the variation in tire size.

Usually, Discount Tire will repair any tire for free (if it can be easily fixed).

Since it's an expensive tire, see if it can be fixed. Standard warranties do not normally cover flats caused by punctures. If you purchased tire insurance when you bought the tires, they should replace the tire for you.

Another tip: If you purchased the tire with your credit card, you may have some additional warranty/damage protection and may be able to make a claim with your credit card company.

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Originally posted by JChoice:
Since it's an expensive tire, see if it can be fixed.

I would never drive on a "repaired" tire... especially a high performance tire. Spend the money and buy a new one if you have to.

The world isn't fair... sometimes things break on their own or get broken by outside forces and you have no recourse. This is a part of car ownership.


I have 1 rear Yokohama tires about 500 miles on them. Same thing happened to me a while back, and I decided to get another brand of tires. However, I forgot which side that I have, I'll check it either today or tomorrow. but if u are interested, please drop me an email.
In the past, Discount Tire Co. replaced one of my tires for free from a blow out(not on NSX). I explained the situation and said I have no idea what caused the blow out and that it just blew on the freeway. Told them I was very glad that I didn't get into a serious accident when it happened. Basically played dumb and innocent and they replaced it for free without hassleing me about it.

There is a Discount Tire Co in Kirkland(near Totem Lake Mall) that should be closest to you. There should be some sort of warranty on the tires and explain to them what happened to you. http://yp.yahoo.com/py/ypMap.py?Pyt=Typ&tab=B2C&tuid=10461877&addr=615+2nd+Ave+Suite+720&city=Seattle&state=WA&zip=98104-2226&country=us

PS. Welcome to Seattle. Make sure you sign up to be in the PacNW NSX email list: http://www.scienceofspeed.com/pacnwnsx/

Also, do not go to Acura of Bellevue to get your car serviced or any work done even though it's very close. Many NSX owners have HORRIBLE experiences there(let me know if you'd like info). If you need alignment work done or any other service done, go to Acura of Lynnwood. It's about 30min away, but well worth the drive.

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Sorry for the WOB guys, but I currently do not have access to a working email account..

Andrie, the extra rear that you have is a 520 255/55/17? If so, I will take it... Send me an email at [email protected] with your number if this is the case..