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Help! 02 sensor is stuck for life

17 June 2009
Chino ;)
Yep, very frustrated right now. Long story short car was tuned by Bisi. After Dyno sensor too rich. Well he leans it out runs great. 2 weeks ago same sensor randomly too lean. Ok, sensor is probably going bad. So I order 2 new ones at a deal or $80 a pop. Lift car today, remove front upstream one with vice grips in 2 min, try on the rear nothing. Get a wrench the size and only strips it more. Get vice grips on so tight it's now chewed the metal, push up and the entire exhaust is flexing. Put wd40 on it, warmed up car with no luck, this won't budge. Any other suggestions. I'm taking it to Ramon ASAP cause I'm pissed beyond belief at a 5 min 02 job that's basically welded into the comptec headers. So far I'm assuming a few things. If Ramon can't get it off the headers are coming off and I have to torch the bung out and weld a new one there, cut the pipe on both sides and weld a new piece in with the bung, idk. Seems I'm sol at the moment. Luckily despite chewing into the sensor, it isn't damaged. Fired car up, warmed up and still idled good and a/f 14.6-15.3. I'm assuming but there probably isn't any way around this without taking off the rear bank header.

Ahhhhhhhh, pissed, so pissed.
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Courage's friend, the only way to unlock a rusty nut is to heat it to red (with a torch) and then running it with the key, remember that the metal is a good conductor of heat, must be therefore protect the hand holding the wrench with a fireproof glove, good luck for the future: Sourire:
Thanks guys, hopefully the mechanic has a torch :/
He broke it off and is so pissed that he is junking the turbo and going back to a CTSC.

J/K I'll let him post what really happened.
Never going back to ctsc lol. Well after Me and Jc destroyed it, we had no choice but to use a blow torch and heat it like a solid 4 min, then vice grip the hell out of it and still use my jack bar as a breaker bar and it barely came off. Even Jc was amazed at how stuck it was.