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Help Jason Fix the NSX Party - Columbus Day Weekend - October 5-8, 2018

24 May 2010
Hello Atlanta/Georgia,

I will finally be working on my car this wonderful Columbus Day weekend and would like to extend a somewhat open-ended invite to anyone interested in coming down to help out, hang out, watch and/or learn.
As to the open-ended invite, I will be working on the car from Friday to Monday and people are welcome to come and go as they please on any of the days or some of the days.
Hopefully someone might even volunteer to get on the grill or we could just do pizza/beer or whatever is brought up by anyone who attends. But to give forewarning, there are no set plans.

And yes, I know this is a last minute announcement, but originally I was just going to lock myself away in the garage and have at it, but then I thought about it and figured this would be a lot more fun, maybe a learning experience for some (including myself), a good chance to see people and hang out as I have been pretty absent lately, potential extra motivation for me (and others), and possibly a way to get even more done than I could have accomplished on my own.

So if anyone is interested or wants to find out more info, post here, pm me, or text me.

I hope you got plenty accomplished, just saw this post... I'd have brought a hammer and some cuss words.
man, this sounds like a good time. is it still down?

whats wrong with it lol