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Help me find the right NSX

16 July 2007
New Jersey

Joined the forum about 5 years ago, been a lurker for a few more before that. I'm finally ready to purchase an NSX. I've missed on a few good ones in the past.

I've owned many sports cars including Porsches, Z06's, M3's. I currently own an 08 M3 Sedan, a 08 Cayman S and a 08 Cherokee SRT-8 (selling the SRT-8 if anyone is interested but I don't need to sell it first to buy an NSX).

Counting my wife's Acura this will be a 5th car. The NSX will just be a fun weekend car, I already have a car for the track, a car for hockey, and a car for the winter.

I prefer a 97-2005, must be a 6 speed manual. Will consider the right 95-96. I like the T-top since it won't be a track car. I prefer Blue, Red, Silver, White or Orange, but would consider the right Black car (sorry no yellow).

I prefer a 100% stock (minor mods like exhaust or wheels are ok) and 100% maintained car. I am not interested in a car that has been in an accident or had paint work. I am located in New Jersey, about 25 miles Northwest of New York City.

Maybe you have an NSX that you haven't put up for sale yet? Maybe you're thinking of buying the new NSX when it comes out? Sell me your car now.

I am willing to wait for the right car to come along, but I am ready to buy today when I find one. I will buy cash (certified check) I don't need a loan.

Please help me Prime Members find a good car. You are the experts. Most of these NSX's I've look at have accident damage or stories. I don't want to make a bad purchase.

thank you,

Do what we all do here. Scour prime, cars.com, autotrader, craigslist and even Ebay daily/weekly until you find the perfect one. Chances are low the car will find you. YOU have to find the car. :biggrin:

Happy hunting.
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Do what we all do here. Scour prime, cars.com, autotrader, craigslist and even Ebay daily/weekly until you find the perfect one. Chances are low the car will find you. YOU have to find the car. :biggrin:

Happy hunting.

Finding one for sale is easy, finding a well maintained, no stories, accident free one is hard.

Thought I found a good 97-01 but then a VIN search here on prime revealed an accident. Dealer said it was a perfect, no accident car, car fax said no reported accidents (yes, I realize some accidents don't make it to CarFax). Scary! Afraid I will buy one and find out damage or problems too late.
You can buy one of mine for 50k. :biggrin:

All kidding aside, finding a clean, unmodified, well maintained NSX at a reasonable price is not an easy task. It gets more difficult by the day as the supply of NSXs dwindle. How did I manage to finally buy mine? By finding a seller that I knew from previous NSX events who was willing to hold the car for me and not sell it from under me. So get yourself out there, network with NSX owners in person, and let them know that you are looking!

P.S., I try to post info in this forum on any local NSXs that I come across, but the legit ones are far and few between. :(
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well goodluck

do what was previously mentioned

scour the earth when you see one JUMPP

when a great car comes up for sale you practically need to paypal the seller the full ammount in 10 minutes to get the car. cuz there are some snakes in the bushes LOL

just like real life there are small "clique's" and that is very apparent on Prime

they keep the best stuff behind closed doors. its hard to get in LOL

Ive have been tring for years

ask around make friends and those Unicorns may appear

Finding a super clean, unmolested, accident free NSX that is already a rare car to begin with, is getting more and more difficult. Hard to find someone willing to sell a car like that. Took me 3 years..
It's unfortunate that you missed the last NSXPO event in the fall which I believe was near you and you could have become acquainted with the local team that ran it. You might also want to join the NSXCA and talk to the NorthEast regional club contact who I think is Peter Mills (914) 666-5051 [email protected]. It's a great site but not everyone is on Prime.

Sounds like you have also had Acuras so no harm in talking to the local dealership and ask if there are any that come in for service. Not every owner is an 'NSX lifer' (like most here) and you never know when they're in the market to trade for something else. The car's condition might be well known by the dealer mechanic.

Good luck
Chances are low the car will find you.
YOU have to find the OWNER willing to sell you the car

Corrected that for ya :biggrin:

Make standing offers for nice examples, "u no ask, u no get"

I hunted for 10 years, found only 4 that met my criteria:

first one I passed on... stupid, oops
two and three were sold before I could close the deal.. grrr
fourth is in my garage
Be patient, it took me two years to find mine(97t), traveled up and down northeast coast. I was stuck on finding an original owner car ,most the the cars I saw had nothing but stories from B.S. dealers. Low and behold I find one 15 miles from my house . The owner had every piece of documentation since car was purchased ,service records included . When he brought the car to my house he took pictures of it ,you could tell he loved this car . I now have 93k miles it ,was my car perfect ? No ,but I knew it was ORIGINAL ,100 percent stock. That evening I got a call from a person who was also looking at this car ,he offered me 2k more than what I paid for it. Thank you but no ,it's been too long of a journey.:smile: