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Help! Turn Signals/Retractor motor/Panel lights out!

12 March 2005
I just installed indiglo gauges (which look sweet BTW :biggrin: ) and now my turn signals/Headlight retractors and instrument panel lights are not working :frown:

The flashers/headlights work fine which makes me believe its a fuse or the relay. However, I changed Fuse 38 but no luck. Could the lighting relay be shot?

I don't know if this makes a difference but I did not disconnect battery during installation. I wanted to properly determine which dash fuse box power sources were hot with the ignition to connect indiglo transformer as well as hard wire my radar detector.

Also my clock/climate control are disconnected to refinish the center console before installing a brushed aluminum dash kit. Would this affect turn signals/Headlight retractors and instrument panel lights?

I will change all fuses but just in case, does anyone know the part number for the lighting relay? Also, where can I get the relay?