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HELP ! Who is the owner of......

skyline15 said:
Where did he get those headlight covers?Does anyone know anything about them or are they a custom setup?
They are GJ custom - at one time he was considering replicating these for market but I don't think he ever did.
nsxtasy said:
Thanks for the contact info. Olle.
Ps. My Veilside NSX has now been sold. And in exange as a down payment I got a "new" -91 40000 miles NSX sold by Honda-Sweden 1993. One of only 14 pz imported by Honda-Sweden 1991. (And offcourse also xxxxx USD). Honda Sweden did only sold the NSX the first year. All other cars on the Swedish market has been imported from Europe or the US. Only approx 25 cars are now registrated so far in Sweden. Ds.
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umm...just wondering...why after having a Veilside conversion done to your NSX would you sell it to buy a stock body NSX? Selling it for more than what I put into it would make me do the same thing!
Sorry repost!