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Help with a used NSX

I know they have been sitting on that car since at least june when I was looking for one!
I was looking into one car that they had before. Seemed like honest business but can't tell for sure. They had killer transportation deal($500 or something like that) and I was told that I can return the car on the spot if I didn't like how it looked(though not sure how much good that would do...). Unfortunately, the I was told that the acura dealer nearby doesnt deal with NSX too much so I'm not sure how thorough the inspection would be if you were to take it in. Their pricing was also on the high side. I guess this is not too much of an insight...sorry
hey frankie, i just got back from there and they still haveit. looks nice and is incredibly clean--if anything the odometer was rolled up, not back!

i bought the black one,91. they do not deal in hard luck cars was my observation. call merry, she is the owners daughter i believe, super nice. They do charge high end but every car in their joint looked brand new.

good luck. as you already probably know, they provide carfax on all their vehicles, for what that is worth, because hey--any one dishonest can always find a way to forge. but these people were super to work with. and their cars were all that and a bag a chips!!!
I just read the previous reports on the company mentioned in this thread.I'd say run!!!In the other direction of course.
They sound like they have as much integrity as 5 star Ford,Scottsdale ,Arizona.
I didn't ever have a problem with any dealer until them and I dont even want to get into it "but"; If there were a "legal" way to surgically implant malignant tumors at the base of there spines I would be the 1st' to pay for that service.
Or to have "Tony No Neck" pay the service manager a visit would possibly create a better customer service deptartment.

Whell if I ever go phsyco they will be the 1st on my list
Pray for peace...

If I were you I would never buy a car from Premier. I ordered a 91 NSX recently and the car and the terms of the contract were misrepresented. Moreover, after returning the car under Premier's "guarantee" I was met with nothing but dishonesty and rude behavior, even from the owner Chris Courtney who hung up on me when I had the audacity to ask him the status of my refund check. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!