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here's something interesting........

26 June 2000
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, USA
Check out this site...... not a kit car..... I think I like it!!!!!! May be time for a second car/.... http://www.lear2000.com


Todd Arnold
Yes, it does look pretty cool, but it IS a kit car. View the page source you'll find the following, "The Lear2000 is a reproduction car of the Diablo built by BadBoyz. It's handbuilt in North America, has a service and warranty by General Motors, the car comes with a 440 hp twin turbo engine and the starting price is $55,000"

Furthermore, the first two keyword search terms listed are "Kit Car" and "Hand Built".

Again, it does look pretty cool though.
It's a mediocre knock-off of a Lambo VT at best. If you even contemplate purchasing one of these Todd you will lose the right to own your NSX, and I will force you to buy a Fiat X-1/9. So I'll just consider this thread to be a momentary lapse of consciousness and we can all remain friends.
o ya and did i mention its built on a pontiac feiro?
if u want a diablo, buy the real thing, u can find '91s for around 100k and then u can spend 50k a year to keep it up, but please dont buy a replicar!

me want NSX, me 15, me no have NSX =( but me do 3d art http://members.home.com/mcudich
Whats the point in owning one of these??????!!?? Its like decking out a Civic DX with a racing bodykit, and putting in a Civic Si engine and calling it a "Race car"
No way. The point of a Diablo is the engine. Buying a replicar of it is like buying a car without a heart and soul(Or an NSX with a 1.6L 4 cylinder). A GM V6 or V-8 might be "peppy" but doesnt create the deep rumbling growl that the Diablo 6.0L V-12 does. Have any of you ever watched Video clips of that thing?? WOW. What a beautiful sound.

I once met an F-40 owner who eventually owned up to the fact that it was a replicar built on a Fiero chassis with a worked 2.8L in it. I was in high school then, but I immediatly lost all respect for him. Who cares if it looks good, no soul no heart, no thank you!!
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! I guess I was even more whacked than I normally am..... I was grossly misinformed by the Dupont Registry! It speaks nothing of a replica, yet rather leads you to believe it is a new production car,...... Yikes, I'm (as you all know) such a loser....
words like replica, fiero, kit car......argh. I just got back from washing my eyes out with soap. Sorry... ok, shut up Todd
Whoa!! Now let's not get all snobby and snub kit cars and its value as a legitimate hobby. Granted, I would never buy a turnkey kitcar but building one is a challenge and a great hobby. I am buying a milling machine and lathe this X-mas so I can start on a Shelby AC Cobra kit car. We would learn more about cars and engineering by building our own cars than we ever would by just working on our beautifully perfect NSX's. My .02 cents.
Originally posted by Nsxotic:
car,...... Yikes, I'm (as you all know) such a loser....

Come on Todd, your not a loser!!

I don't think that Lud would let a loser lurk here and post awesome pictures. As I stated before, you just had a momentary lapse of consciousness; and that's all. It happens to the best of us.
Hey Rob, what is wrong with an X-1/9?

It is a wonderful car to learn how to be your own mechanic, as in those days I had literally given all of my $$ to Guido from the service shop. At one stage I had to time the thing every morning before going to work, no kidding!
I'm not trying to be a snob at all, I'm a mechanical engineer by education and went to Cal Poly where had an engines labs, machine lab, fluids lab and built things from the ground up. I just think for $65k you need to be looking exactly the way you are - it's a project and I'm going to learn something. Otherwise I think it's to high a price to pay as I would think a used NSX is going to give you more bang for the buck.
This is a hard call. I hate to think I am a car snob but a kit car? I guess it is not too bad if it is unique or an origional style and design like this one appears to be. But I cannot help but think of the fake 328's built on fiero chassis. I can only imagine what goes through the mind of 328 driver when he/she runs into a fake Ferrari-Fiero

We are lucky, as I have yet to see a fake NSX.

A kit Cobra SC might be an exception since no one in there right mind would drive a real one on public streets and some of the kits are built to reasonable good quality..

Just my opinion..

Originally posted by hgunnerz:
This is a hard call. I hate to think I am a car snob but a kit car? I guess it is not too bad if it is unique or an origional style and design like this one appears to be.

This isnt an original style or design..its a Diablo knockoff..which is the same as a 328 on a Fiero Chassis..

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