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Hey guys, it's been a while.What's the HID verdict?

1 December 2000
Lud thanks again for your helpful virus tips.
I have several questions regarding the Autolamps HID results. First of all, I'm sure dochartung's intentions were only to make it work correctly with the NSX, as would any other NSX owner. I also know it's actually much harder to develop anything unless you physically attempt it instead of talking about it. Not taking sides, if it doesn't work...it doesn't work and looking from the drivers seat, not standing in front.Can anyone compare them to the older Xenon kit which did work, but was rather bulky and expensive? Are they direct plug-in's or plug-in w/relays?
No replies??? Lud??? Doc??? What gives??? I guess I'll just order it and find out for myself.Thanks for nothing!!!
I have not had time to install the kit. I have thousands of dollars worth of other stuff sitting in my garage which I also have not had a chance to install yet. Sorry!

Some others have posted about their experience w/ the HID kits - if you look back through the threads or search for HID you should find them.
Sorry Bruce, didn't mean to take so long to reply.

The verdict as it stands right now is many people are happy with the kit and the install procedures, and one unfortunate bad experiance. This bad experiance was thankfully resolved by Autolamps. So it is your decision.

The kit is very, very well enginneered and the fact that you do not have to cut up your headlamp assembleys and the fact of the lowest price around fro what you get and with free shipping to me sells the kit hands down over any kit other kit on the market. Wuf did I get that all out in one breath??

Serious though I highly recommend the Autolamps kit and HID lighting in the NSX. Any NSX just deserves HID lighting. And when you get on the road at night with these babys on you'll know what I am talking about. You can just plainly see better, further and the road paint and signs just light up like never before!

To answer your other questions, there is no comparison to the old kits. This is newer technology and much more compact with custom molded 9006 bases. This will allow you to install behind the weather caps and not cut them up like you had to with older kits. And yes it does have relays to protect your electrical system that was not designed for the initial HID current drain. After that HID's are much more effcient than halogen current drain.

Any questions or help with the install, feel free to personally email me or ask on the forum so others can benifit, its up to you. Hope this helps, dochartung.

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