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Hey you, don't you dare mod your new NSX!

29 July 2010
New Jersey
Rather longish op-ed that appeared in the WSJ (please, no TL;DR comments :biggrin:) but interesting nonetheless...


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will just void the warranty if that matters to you

I think the point is auto makers, like many other companies, have abused the DMCA to criminalize the act of modifying your car. They will claim that you circumvented their anti-piracy measures by flashing the ECU or changing the launch control. Then you can be charged with a crime.
well i guess that just puts the nail in coffin
now your not driving it, not steering it, accelerating it, hell you can even modify anything.

time to upgrade my driving simulator system again. it will more more enjoyable driving billions of dollars in video game like a mad man into walls at 10/10ths than owning the newest numb feeling exotic car i cant even modify with its audiophile perfect engine and exhaust sounds being accentuated by the stereo system. the most ridiculous invention ever.

all these new cars are only good for one thing... bragging about some professional drivers lap time results, and all the pansy electronics keeping your zillion HP, dump truck weighing box of fuses out of a ditch.

I see insurance companies getting really happy over this, and voiding insurance policies in case of accident and also prosecuting modified car owners involved in accidents.
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I just purchased my NSX and don't plan on doing anything for awhile.

My other car is a 1st gen CTS-V and is modded to death.

The funny part is that my SC'd V has about the same weight and rwhp as the NSX.