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HKS Camp successors/alternatives (ie. Blitz/etc') or portable NAV/GPS or mini-pc...


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12 August 2003
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I'm in the process of getting a JDM nav' pod, but I haven't decided as to what I wish to put inside it, as of now... :D

Long-story short...

I want to fill my JDM Nav' pod w/ something that'll connect to the OEM Bose head-unit (via after-market aux' input-converter) & play MP3's, have NAV/GPS, and offer some HKS CAMP-like features (basic performance/diagnostic data, trip-computing calculations, graphics, etc').

If any of the aforementioned makes sense or is of some interest, please read on! :cool:

I was considering various touch-screen (6"+) portable NAV/GPS systems (ie. Garmin, TomTom, Cobra, etc') w/ MP3/SD-expandability/etc' and integrate it w/ my OEM Bose head-unit (using an aux' input-converter, ala' Blitzsafe) for sound/Blue-tooth. The marine versions of portable NAV/GPS units are quite feature rich, and because of their expandability, basically any modern/updated maps can be ongoingly incorporated via SD-cards. But, large(r) screen portable NAV/GPS units (ie. 6"-7"+) cost a real pretty penny, as of now.

So, I'm probably just going to use an iPhone for NAV/GPS & MP3 playback.

Then, I thought about the ol' HKS CAMP. Recall, the CAMP 2 (OBD2 only, though) which followed it, as well as F-Con. Also, Blitz has equivalent, but more modern-looking offerings. All I'd really want would be the basic diagnostic/performance/trip-computing feedback stuff. I wouldn't get the extra sensors/hardware for fuel-pressure, oil-water temp', A/F, etc' as those would be more apt for those w/ F.I. applications. I be keepin' it R-E-A-L w/ NA, bebe'! :p

Are there any other similar conceptual offerings available? Obviously, I'd get a 7" TFT LCD for the aforementioned setup. And, yes, I'm planning on keeping the OEM Bose head-unit (though I will more than likely eventually upgrade the door-speakers, add an AMP, and either (2) self-powered compact subs' or passenger-side floor-mounted sub-box ala' Z'man/SOS).

Another scenario came to mind: onboard pc. But, I don't want to get overly involved into fabricating/installing a car-puter (ie. Mac-Mini, Tablet-PC, compact-notebook, etc'), so the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet seems real appealing (though, ideally I'd wish for at least a 5"+ LCD screen). Combined it w/ the iPhone's unlimited data-usage plan, it seems a rather compelling choice. However, I'm not sure if there are any diagnostic/performance/trip-computing programs available, which I'm really keen towards! I know the iPhone application Dynolicious offers a lot of what I am looking for, however would the data/tables/graphics be viewable in real-time on this peripheral tablet's screen, if the iPhone is connected to it?

Yea... lots of ideas, so to speak. Anyone else w/ any insight/experience/advice? :cool:
You will never be happy with the Iphone for something like this. It's either a car PC or something like the Clarion MIND which is basically a UMPC. Problem is if you go with something like the Korean PMPs their navigation really sucks. So CarPC is your best option at this point. I believe the dual core Atoms are out already. Little Valley is cheap. I wouldn't go with any less power than this. Run Roadrunner FTW. Now if you don't wanna get to fancy, there's always the Pioneer AVIC-F700BT.
pc'ing it, then...

Malibu, thanks for the ideas. I gotta do some more research on user-friendly car-pc's, obviously.

I actually was keen towards the Pioneer AVIC-F700BT, so it's funny you mention that. But, it's double-DIN & depth is 6.5" which wouldn't fit the JDM Nav' pod (to the best of my knowledge). I know, I know, I should mothball the OEM Bose head-unit, but for the sake of ergonomics and keeping things 'stock', I've relented thus far.

The Pioneer AVIC-D3 clearance a few months ago was so tempting, but once again- inability to fit into the JDM Nav' pod.

I also came across this tonight: Pioneer AVIC-F500BT. It looks rather interesting.

Indeed, it seems for all that I want, seems likely a car-pc is what it'll take. I just don't know enough about that stuff, as of now.
ideas, ideas...

Not sure if it will fit in the JDM pod. :confused:
The Pioneer AVIC-F500BT should fit the JDM Nav' pod, just have to omit the included mounting-arm and use a custom-fabricated aluminum/plastic bezel to secure the unit into the 'pod. Some liberal use of VHB 3M tape wouldn't hurt, either... :p

According to a custom-A/V shop that I spoke w/, a double-DIN display that is 6.5" deep possibly can be altered to fit the JDM Nav' pod. I just have to let them take some measurements of the 'pod in-person. If that is possible, I will give strong consideration to the Pioneer AVIC-D3, as that thing is unbeatable at that price-point!

So, as of now, I have narrowed it down to (4) scenarios for my potential 'setup'...

(i) iPhone + Nokia N810 Internet Tablet (portability/versatility, but 4.1" LCD size is chintzy & both units are bit redundant in execution)

(ii) iPhone + a CarPC (large, touch-screen TFT LCD + MacMini w/ WiFi & GPS)

(iii) iPhone + a "HKS Camp / Blitz" 'like device w/ large, touch-screen TFT LCD (assuming iPhone's Nav' can/will display on a TFT LCD)

(iv) iPhone + Pioneer AVIC-F500BT -or- Pioneer AVIC-D3

{the OEM Bose head-unit will stay, or I'll be damned! :D}

Edit: I also came across this today... "Genuine Factory Honda lightweight GPS Navigator" (it's a Garmin-made NAV/GPS unit for Honda)!

More info': www.garmin.com/products/Hondaportablenavigation
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