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Holy Smoke.

24 March 2001
Neenah, Wi
I've noticed a puff of blue smoke when I was driving the car this weekend more so when I started it and let it warm up a few minutes. The car has not been drivin for two weeks and I added a can of Redline System Cleaner to the tank just before that could that cause the smoking. I have 81,000 miles on Her and had a complete tune up everything was changed anything I should look for or is this normal with this many miles.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Valve seals. Oil is seeping down the valves past the seals and into the cylinder while it's not running. So, once you start it, you burn that oil sitting in the cylinder. I never did valve seals on an NSX and don't know if they are the umbrella type or the o-ring type....... or both. Can't help you on how easy the job is...........