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Home made polycarbonate windows

1 June 2005
I create this post because I just finished to "create" a driver side window made of polycarbonate (= Lexan = Makrolon).

First, I got a 4mm polycarbonate sheet at a good price at my work and cut it following the design of the stock window.


In order to bend the polycarbonate window, I used ropes and heated. At the end, it became more bent than the stock window in order to push the maximum on the joint when the window is closed.

Afterwards, I found a good way to fix it on the door and made an opening.



And the weight savings is, what?

Also, this is a dedicated track car, yes?

Great questions. Why did you do this? As I recall you drive your car on a daily basis. Correct?
I use this car only on the track :wink: The wight saving is perhaps 2 kg. The biggest saving come from the different equipments in the door, especialy the window motor and guides. The polycarbonate window allows me to eliminate this stuff keeping an oportunity of opening a trap door (difficult to make a trap door on glass).