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Honda is going after 3D print files under copyright law.

14 May 2014

From the article:

Recently, I noticed a part that I made for my Honda Accord was removed from Printables, the newly rebranded 3D printing repository offered by Prusa. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for it, but I didn’t think anything else about it…until reports of a mass deletion started popping up on Reddit.
“I can confirm to you that we have received a letter from a lawyer representing Honda, informing us that we were required to remove any model which used ‘Honda’ in the listing, the model itself, or one of several trademarks/logos also associated with Honda,” a Prusa spokesperson told The Drive in an email. “This will also be related to the naming of the files it self (sic), as for Honda this would be considered as a violation of their trademark/patents.”
So peeps will be developing code words for Honda/Acura and its various models?

"Can't stop the signal."
That's unfortunate, and not supporting customers. I've removed the "NSX" and "Honda" from all of my 3D-print designs on Thingiverse. That will make them almost impossible to find for NSX owners. :mad:

Based on Drew's suggestion, I added NA1 & NA2 to my Thingiverse postings. I left a couple with NSX in them to see if they disappear.

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I don't think there is a copyright on NA1 or New Sports car eXperimental.

The lawyers haven't caught up. Ikea is fine with hacking...Honda should be too.

Heck, even Microsoft now goes with "we'll work with whatever works".
I find this absolutely disgusting and it makes me sick to my stomach! Many of these 3d print parts do not even have equivalents in the Honda parts database. It's not like the 3d parts are duplicating existing parts. These are unique items created and shared by the talented 3d print designers.
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This is very definitely not a new thing and it is not just Honda doing it. About 6 - 7 years ago I know somebody who was 3D printing a replica interior part for a Volvo Amazon (car ceased production in 1970). The replica part had the Volvo symbol on it and he got shut down. He removed the symbol and then proceeded as originally planned. Just like aftermarket companies you can make replacement parts until the cows come home, just don't put any trademark protected identifiers on the part or anything that might imply that it is a Honda part such as a part number molded into the object. Create your own part number for the piece and then create a cross reference to the Honda part number - which is how you find aftermarket parts at Rockauto. Nobody in the aftermarket world describes their part as a Honda brake pad.

Microsoft or Ikea will land on you like a tonne of merde if you try and sell a product with Microsoft or Ikea labels on the product or you infer that it is a Microsoft or Ikea product even if it doesn't have a trademark label on it. That is called a counterfeit product.
As old guy says you can't have "honda", "Acura" or the "H" or "A" on your product. Adding those things implies you are an official supplier or Licensee of Honda parts.
you could spell It handa
No-one in Cleveland would ever know...
Just look at the way the locals protested censorship in China - they held up a BLANK piece of paper. I'd say we start listing all NSX parts as EDSEL or YUGO as a better idea - I mean - how many of those owners are alive or would want a spare part for a car that might be gone regardless?? Just a thought!. Discuss! BTW - I may have spoke too soon on the Yugos - this is a real site I was going to register -

maybe Yugoz.org hheheh can't stop the revolution - it WILL be ....er...broadcast!