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Honda NSX Polo Shirts

7 April 2007
Downey, CA
A good friend of mine is involved in the fashion district. I though since i have a good source to make nice shirts, maybe if i can get enough people i can make a batch of lets say 50 for now and see how they move. The shirts are high grade quality and durable. They won't fade nowhere near as easy as the regular cotton. Made from Pima Cotton which is a type of cotton grown primarily in the United State's Southwest. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton, and is extremely durable and absorbent. One of the advantages of pima cotton is that the thickness of the cloth it weaves creates a very durable fabric. Shirts will have a coat of an anti-stain guard. Nordstrom Burbary shirts aren't even made of this material and sell for over $95.

These are Polo shirts, they feel nice and cool. For the symbol i don't have one yet, but i was thinking of a honda logo and underneath it it'll say nsx all stiched in red on the left chest pocket (no pocket dough). (If you have any ideas of a different logo please feel free to pm me) You can choose from two colors white or black. The two buttons will have a pearl look to it in black or white. The price is $75+4shipping. total of $79.

I'll post pictures in a few days. Please add yourself to the list with size plus it'll give me an idea of what sizes to order. These shirts don't shrink very much so if your a L in polo shirts and get XL because of shrinking, don't do it. order your size! I'll collect payment in about 3-4 weeks if i get at least 35members. thank you!

1.warren1205 - L Black (1) L White (1) =2
I might take one but I'll wait for the pics to see what it looks like. Been looking for a nice Honda polo for a while.