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Honda Scooter

10 April 2008
Northville, Michigan
As life works sometimes, I came across someone that had a basket-case Honda scooter taking up room in their shed.
Once an adoption deal was made, I took it home (and YES, with a basket full of parts) to evaluate the scope of the project.
The owner prior to the guy I got it from had started to bypass the original 2-stroke oil injection system, so not knowing WHY that decision was made (oil pump failure?)...I decided to continue down the Premix path.
The original carburetor was quite complex (featuring an auto-choke system) so while I struggled to get it working right, I eventually bailed and bought an aftermarket carb.
Adapting it to the existing throttle cable system was a PITA, but once accomplished it now runs (on premix) like a top!
We're taking it to the track as a pit bike, so hopefully it'll act as maturely as its actual 43 year old age suggests :cool:
So allow me to present a now working 1981 (only made in '81 and '82) Honda Express-SR scooter...


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It worked very well as a pit bike, and towed the gear wagon with ease.
That thing is way cool. Nice job!
Its next test will the June Sprints at Road America this weekend, it's a big place so there will be some scooting required for sure 🛵