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hopefully NSX owner soon (kinda long)...

15 April 2002
Houston, TX, USA
Hi everyone,

I'm so glad that I've found a community with so many fellow hardcore NSX admirers. I've been monitoring this website for a few months now and finally decided to put up a post and say hi.

I think that quite a few of you will share in my passion and love for this car. I first saw this beauty when I was 12 years old at a Boy Scout meeting. At the time, I knew nothing about cars--I just knew that one day I would have it. So I researched the "A" emblem I saw and discovered that it was an "Acura"--silly thing was that I thought Acura was the car model, not manufacturer. (To me, it was a "Honda Acura"...haha.) I've come a long way since then and know just a bit more about the car. ;o)

Lately...I've had some more time to think to myself and have decided that it may be time to make my dream come true. I've worked hard to make and save up money. However, I bought a 2001 BMW 330Ci last year thinking that it wouldn't be "proper" for a 21 year old college student driving around in an exotic. But now, I graduated college last semester and am getting ready to start my first "real job."

Sooooo...I'm wondering if some of you could give me some advice. I've waited for 10 years for this dream so I'm in no absolute hurry, but I want to start seriously looking for a silver/black or black/black NSX. Specifically, is it realistic to get a 95 with about 50K miles or less for under $40K? I'm hoping to sell my 330Ci for at least $36-38K. Ideally, if I could get close to that then I'd get the NSX in a heartbeat of course. If this is possible, where would I look? Other than here and Autotrader, I can't think of anywhere to look for a clean 95 NSX. I'm looking at the 95 specifically cause I gotta have a targa (I absolutely love open air driving) and it's within my ~$40K price range (hopefully).

Thank you to all of you who have read this far through my ramblings... It's just that this has been my passion and I tend to not know when to stop.
) Thanks again beforehand for your help. I hope to officially be a part of this group soon as an "NSX owner," and not just as an "NSX dreamer"...
Well, first off, you cannot get a 1995 in silver, so it looks like you are going to be getting black.

I think you should not have a lot of trouble finding a 95 NSX in the low to mid 40's depending on mileage.

Other places to look are cars.com, nsxsc.com, and maybe yahoo.com.

Don't forget about ebay also. They always have a pretty good selection of cars.

Good luck in your hunt. I am still just an NSX dreamer, but I hope to change that soon.

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
Originally posted by ajchang:
is it realistic to get a 95 with about 50K miles or less for under $40K?


For example, right now there are 32 '95 NSX-T's for sale on Autotrader, with asking prices ranging from $40,495 to $52,000. It's customary to offer less than the selling price, so you should be able to get some of them for under $40K. However, keep in mind that condition and history and mileage and title etc are all important. Rather than being willing to buy any '95 based on price, it's worth it to be selective and find a nice condition, low-mileage one, even if it means stretching your budget by a few thousand dollars.
Yes, what NSXtasy said it very true, never buy a car based on the price you can afford. You have to be patient and sometimes you may have to spend a little more to get the car you want. Also when you do come across something you like you should ask for service records (history) of the car and get a Carfax report using the vin #.
Here is another place you can try using to find your dream car...... http://www2.dupontregistry.com/search/srResults.asp?sessionkey={A9C59D82-6635-44D5-A940-08DF824B237A}

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It is possible to buy a '95 NSX for under $40k, just like it is possible to buy a '91 for $20k, but I think it's safe to say there will be a pretty big reason for it to be priced so low.
Good luck w/ your search.

A couple comments on the car you linked to:

1. Missing front spoiler

2. Engine compartment hatch handle is broken - it is sitting in the coin tray and there is white tape on the rod it is supposed to attach to. That is probably why there are 2 dozen pictures of the car yet none of the engine bay.

3. I would say it has either not been detailed well or has some paint problems.

4. Drivers seat and passenger side carpet seem to have led a hard life. Drivers side carpet is not shown. Felt in coin tray is starting to come off.

5. Appears to have a funky aftermarket alarm installed which includes a hole in the trim behind the shifter for some sort of knob or dial.

6. Ask them how much you can get off the price if it turns out this car doesn't really have these listed options: "Glass Targa Top" and "Fog Lights", because the first doesn't exist and the second isn't installed.

7. Brake fluid looks really dirty.
Oh my goodness...thanks so much Lud, you're awesome. It seems that I have quite a bit to learn--couldn't even tell any of those things from the pictures. If anything, I'll just be going in to test drive it and making sure 95 is the year I want... (Haha...who knows, maybe I'll want to save up for a 97...)

Looks like it's gonna take a lot of diligence and some luck as well to make this happen...
Originally posted by Lud:
2. Engine compartment hatch handle is broken - it is sitting in the coin tray and there is white tape on the rod it is supposed to attach to. That is probably why there are 2 dozen pictures of the car yet none of the engine bay.

Also interesting that given the above, in the picture of the gauge cluster you see the indicator for the driver's door open, as well as the engine bay hatch being open. Yet nowhere is it shown open, and the latch is clearly broken...

That would sure be neat to have a hatch the wouldn't shut and a handle that couldn't open it anyway
Perhaps they were trying to show how convenient it is to just have it open all the time, No latch required!

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You guys were right--that NSX was a sad sight to see. I just about cried seeing the condition that it was in. Don't even ask me what the engine sounded like. I haven't heard a lot of NSXs in my day, but when I turned the ignition, the car shook and I thought the engine was about to fall out.

Needless to say I left without bothering to check anything else out... A disappointment, yes, but moreso seeing a 96 exotic in such bad shape...

Glad to see another possible NSXer here in
Houston. We have a pretty good group of
active members here. Before you purchase
one, call me @ 832-721-7991. I'd be glad
to go check it out with you. I know that
myself and some of the other guys enjoy
checking NSX's out. I'm on my 3rd one.

Take care,

Hey Terry,

Do you have an e-mail address that I can congtact you with? I went to your restaurant's website but couldn't find an address there either. Just wanted to chat with you about a few things...