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Hot Track Pressures for Direzza ZIIIs?

15 November 2001
High in the Rockies
Just looking for a reasonable starting point. I normally run Yokohama A005 full slicks at the track but they are back-ordered by Trackside Performance so I'm currently on Toyo RR for track use which, though not as fast as the A005s, I like a lot for DOT race rubber. But I just got a set of the new Dunlop Direzza ZIIIs for street use and, for reasons I won't go into here, will be taking them to the track next week. Has anyone run these at the race track and if so, what hot pressures should I shoot for for optimum grip? The only data I have is from the old Z1 Star Specs, but I understand the ZII Star Specs (which I never used) were completely different. My impression is that the ZIIIs (no Star Specs yet) are an improvement but much closer to the ZII Star Specs as far as performance so if anyone has optimal hot pressures for those, that would be a good starting point.

Thanks in advance!
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My ZII* seem happy around 35 in extended autocross use (like a dozen back to back runs in a test’n’tune). Were the z1 far off that?
I have very little track miles on z11....but they liked 38-40 hot