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House for sale in Las Vegas, NV

1 August 2003
Las Vegas, NV
I'm selling a house in Las Vegas, NV. If any one is looking to move to Vegas or looking for a new house to buy in Vegas. This is the one Its in a 55 and older community the house is a little more then a year old. It’s located in Sienna Country Club and gated with 24hr security. We are asking $575.000.00 But to my fellow nsx buddies we would be able to haggle with the price :biggrin: Its maxed out in upgrades in side and out. If you like to know more info PM and ill tell you what ever you want to know.


How come your'e selling it if you don't mind me asking?
Nice home...
I think thats for the year I moght be wrong. The casino's pay for almost 70% of the state tax's in nevada so thats why property tax is low. I think thats for the year.
yeah..should be for the year. Property tax price in LV is good. I have a place in Southern Highland, but thinking about getting another one.

Sincity, did you visit Wynn hotel? I was watching the news channel over there, and it had positive reviews...considered as the best hotel out there? I'll have to check it out when i'm in town next time around.

What's the total size of land you got there? How big is the back yard? Looks huge...

How far is this from Sothern Highland?
Well the lot is a little over 10,000sqft. It has a pool/spa and the landscaping is all done. I would have to say its 10-15 min from Southern Highlands and it’s located off Tropicana/Fort apache/215 west. If you like to know any more info on the house drop me a pm and ill be more then happy to answer any questions you my have. As for the Wynn its pretty sweet from the Las Vegas Blvd I have not been in side yet it is way to busy for me right now ill give it a few weeks to die down.