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How do you adjust headlight position?

18 July 2005
I've search and nothing came up. Also nothing in the owners manual. Previous owner had HID conversion on my 91. Drivers side is blinding people. Get the high beam flash all night long. I've seen an index key hole on the side of the headlights, is this it? do I need a special gear key?
If I understand right you have a car with non OEM headlights. Why do you expect something written in the manual about a part that was not an the car when the manual and the car have been delivered to the original owner?

You should get the manual for the aftermarket headlights or maybe this page on the online shop manual can help you. (BTW: On our side of the pond you can adjust the stock headlights with a little motor you control with a button inside the passenger compartment, the Xenon headlights on the newer model has to have automatic adjust due to the regulations).
The Unit and Housing is all stock.. just the bulb has changed to HID and added a ballast. Hope that makes things clear for you. In the 91 manual there is nothing about headlight adjustments whatsoever. It is still a pop up headlight and not the 2005 flush style. The page you sent was the page I was looking for and don't have in my manual.. Thanks a lot.