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How does Honda put 2 different HP ratings on 3.0 engine?

13 November 2000
sacramento, ca, usa
Maybe this is a silly question, but does anyone know what Honda engineers did to detune the 3.0 (in all NSX autos) from 270HP to 252HP? Can you undo whatever detuning done to get back the 18 horses on automatics? TIA.
Primarily different cams and different computer settings. You are probably better off just going with aftermarket intake/headers/exhaust to get some extra HP.
They also keep the redline at 7500 on the automatic.

Remember, they detuned the automatic intentionally, because the transmission won't hold up with the same performance and reliability at 270 hp. This might make you want to think twice before doing any mods...
LOL! The tranny cant take 270hp? Is that true?!?!

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