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How effective is Dali brake coolers for stock brakes?

28 April 2000
SF Bay Area / Boston MA
I'll be at Thunderhill on August 1st, but I was wondering how much help the air coolers provide. I have the parts from Mark, but I havn't installed them yet. Its just such a pain in the a$$ to remove the dust shields I think.... I'm not looking forward to doing it. My brakes are completely stock still... I don't even think I have Motul brake oil.
I have them, and recommend them. I still experience brake fade on the OEM pads/rotors, but not as much as I have previously. In fact, even in 100 degree Texas summer heat, I experienced less fade with the coolers installed than I did in cooler temperatures without the air deflectors in place.

One other item: they are large enough that when installed, they will "scoop" air up from under the car and onto the brakes. A lot of people probably wonder how effective they are sitting behind a radiator getting hot air... install them and then look under your car from the front. :)

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Kenji --

The dust shields are easy to remove. Just make sure to have an impact screw driver. After that, it's a piece of cake. The DIY is online (you can find it off my site).

I used sheets of aluminum from a hardware store to shape brake ducts that seem to work very well.

The best easy upgrade you can do first is pads and brake fluid flush. Speedbleeders are highly recommended. I have also have better luck with ATE Superblue than Motul.

-- Chris


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Keep in mind that if you're thinking of installing cooling ducts to run air to the brakes, those dust shields can serve a useful purpose. On mine, I had a hole cut in the dust shields and a flange welded on, and the ducts are mounted to the flange.