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How Fast are you???


2nd try

0.206 on third try :biggrin: using a note book...I think using a mouse would be easier.... :confused:
It doesn't allow for red lighting! You can click away as fast as you can and get unreal times. I got a 0.016! Average of 0.0838. :D

Played fairly, I averaged 0.172...
Played fairly, I averaged .20. Once I figured out how to load the mouse button to get the best speed, I got as low as .16. 2nd time thru, .18 avg. This was using two fingers tho, just for more blazing handspeed!!! haha

Y'all cheaters should be ashamed of yourselves.
Average: 0.185
Fastest: 0.172

(second go round)

On the third one, I had one bad time, but my fastest was 0.154

Cheat: Repeatedly hitting the mouse button.

I got 3 0.047s and an average of 0.1156.
AVE: .2346

looks like i need practice :wink:

*EDIT* well with the cheating (i.e constant clicking) i scored a .13 ave :biggrin: