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how many NSXs

2 June 2001
Sydney, NSW, Australia
anyone got an educated estimate on how many NSXs have been sold world wide to date?

had a little verbal fling with some associates today....

i got a comment that Honda wouldnt be building a next gen NSX because of the poor sales.

Roughly 8000 in the U.S., another 700 in Canada. I'm not sure how many elsewhere; maybe 3000 in Japan, very small numbers in other markets. I would guess somewhere around 15,000.

Do you know how many have been sold in your country?
I'd be suprised if less NSXs were sold in Japan than in the US.

According to the head of the NSX Club of Japan, in recent years (when 200-300 NSX's were sold per year in the U.S.), approximately 80 have been sold per year in Japan. I believe the ratio was similar in the early years of production, too.

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approximately 80 have been sold per year in Japan

I heard that the numbers for 1998 and 1999 were slightly higher (100-120), but wouldn't be surprised if it is currently in that vicinity. Supposedly December of 2000 was the first month since the NSX was introduced that Honda sold ZERO NSXs in Japan.

As for 15,000-20,000 being a good number...it certainly is higher volume than many specific models of exotic cars. But if Honda's initial goal was to produce 5,000 or so a year, it certainly can't be called successful. Afterall, there are now as many S2000s on the road...

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