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How much a 93 NSX + 30K mods worth in now

27 October 2000
olathe, KS
I was just wondering how much is the going price for a 1993 Comptech SC NSX, with CT headers, CT exhaust, wheels, RM rotors, brake pads, harness bars, Suspension etc and extended warranty go for? Or in another word, 93 NSX with $30K in mods go for? The mods are less than a year old.

That is a long way from $30k in mods as far as I can tell. Rounding the numbers a bit:

$10000 supercharger
$1600 headers
$1100 exhaust
$500 harness bar

You didn't specify the suspension but the common setups are less than $1000 for springs and shocks.

Wheels are worth little at resale unless they are very high-end AND you get the stock wheels with them.

Rotors and pads are not worth much since they are consumable items and it isn't any more expensive to go with say RM replacements than stock parts.

The extended warranty is basically useless other than for electrical or accessory problems. I really doubt any extended warranty company will cover drivetrain problems on supercharged car.

So unless there is something else not mentioned, you're looking at around $15k in parts give or take a little. If a seller gets 1/2 parts cost back at resale they're doing well.

The price really depends on the condition of the car. If it's in good condition and doesn't have high miles or any ugly appearance mods I'd say it's probably worth mid $40s.
Unfortunatly modification parts are unrecoverable expenses in most cases. You are probably better off returning the car to stock form and selling the parts individually. I have had three highly modified Honda's over the last six years and I never once was able to sell the car for more because of the modified parts and in most cases, less. Your '93 will probably sell best for $37-42K, and you can get an additional $8K for selling the modified parts individually. Assuming low mileage and great condition.

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