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how much

1 April 2002
would it be to balance and blueprint the nsx engine, i know you guys probably answered this question a million times, but i would really be intrested in doing it, and can someone tell me how much hp i would gain
I don't know how much CT charges but Revolution, SAIMAA and a few other companies in Japan do this for something like $8,000.00 or so. I don't think there would be any huge HP gains, but the engine would run MUCH better afterwards.
Standard NSX engines are not blueprinted from the Honda factory. I believe only the Type-R NSX came with blueprinted motors, although I am not quite sure about the 3.2 liter motors of the Type-S and Type S-Zero.
Although it would have been awesome to have this done on the engines on all NSXs, blueprinting is a very expensive process that would have added way too much cost to the NSX. As Edo mentioned, blueprinting itself does not yield that much in horsepower gains, it would however allow the engine to rev higher, run more reliably under heavy use/race conditions, and compliment other aggressive engine modifications.

Originally posted by Nsxotic:
As I understand it, NSX engines are balanced and blueprinted from the factory. Am I wrong? Also read somewhere that they are built by one man from the ground up, including peripherals and signed/stamped by the builder. Is this true?



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