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How to clean the cabin rear view double glass window

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Has anyone ever tried to clean the double glass window that separates our cabin from the engine compartment. It seems to have clouded up and I wanted to see if it can be easily cleaned.
I clean it the same way I clean the rest of the glass, every time I detail the car: Sprayway glass cleaner and a couple of microfiber towels.
Thanks, I should have been more specific. It appears dirty/cloudy within the double glass. Can the two pieces of glass be separated to clean the insides?
Ah, my bad. I didn't even realize it was double glass! But if it's clouding between the panes that would seem to indicate a loss of seal, which should be fixable under warranty.
I seriously doubt there is dirt between the two panes of glass. Maybe somehow condensation formed in there and the glass is now a little cloudy. Hvae you cleaned the glass side in the engine bay? It will get covered in a film of dirt very easily.