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How to get touch up paint shiny?

2 June 2001
Boston, MA USA
In my quest (psychosis?) to get each imperfection/rock chip perfectly repaired on my 2001 Silverstone, despite its metallic paint, I've experimented with dozens of techniques for applying and finishing touch up paint. A few methods that seem to work to get the touch up paint shiny are

-Flattening the semi-dry paint with a polished metal card

-Waiting until it is dry, then rubbing it by hand with a very very mild abrasive like Zaino Z5 (3M swirl mark remover had the opposite effect)

-Powerbuffing it with Z5 after dry (I use a Black and Decker mouse, which works ok)

Each of these three methods has its drawbacks however (this is with silver metallic paint, arguably the hardest type of touch up to do perfectly). The first can cause the paint to be shiny/smooth, but darker in color than the initial touch up blob. The second and third can cause the touch up blob to peel off if you aren't careful, and also can discolor the blob.

What would you pros out there suggest as a way to take down a touch up blob while leaving its color intact and its surface mirror shiny?

For the record, Langka doesn't work here-- it takes the blob down, but leaves a rather unshiny finish (less shiny than the naturally dried blob).