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How to get white wire anchors off back of taillight?

28 September 2002
I need to take off a tail light to drill tiny vent holes in bottom. On the inside of the trunk on the ends of the bottom set of screws are some white plastic thingies with a quicktie molded onto the bottom to hold the wire loom. They have a 3 pointed star shaped recessed groove molded into them where they pass over the shaft of taillight mounting screw. They do not pull off & I can't loosen them since the wire loom is passing thru the attached quicktie & won't allow them to spin very far. Any secret methods to get these off without breaking anything? Thanks guys.
I don't understand why you have to take those off to remove the tail lights. To remove the tail lights, you just remove center piece, the bulb sockets and all the nuts. Make sure you get every nut.

Also you might want to look into replacing just the gaskets before you drill any holes.
The gaskets are part of the plan too. It looks like (I've had the car about 2 hrs now & looked at this for 5 min.) the shafts of the taillight mounting screw pass into the trunk & the ends are used for these white plastic thingies to mount on so you can't get the nuts off since these are on the end of the shaft ( no jokes please). Am I overlooking something or looking at the wrong set of screws?
Oh, now I know what you are talking about. It's that nylon cap that goes onto the bolt and blocks the nut from coming out.

I used a door upholstery removal tool to pry it out. The key is getting the right leverage on it to pop it off.


These are one of the most useful tools you can buy if you are taking your door panels or upholstery apart. They usually run under $5. A car audio shop might sell it but would definitely have it onhand so you could borrow it for a couple minutes. Car upholstery shops I'm sure would carry it, too.

Here is a picture of one of the infamous clips (maybe not exact but you get the idea):

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That's the thingie!! Mine has the quicktie part pointing down but same thing. I'll try 2 screwdrivers or some pliers first.