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How to install polished bezels on gauges

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
Has anyone installed the metal gauge bezels, and how do you get the instrument pod out and opened on a 91?
Go the search option and type in "gauge cluster removal". There are a couple of good posts listed with pictures.

I had to remove mine to replace the temp gauge. It is involved, but if you follow the steps in the manual it comes out fine. Be careful to cover the plastic face cover with a towel when you get to that point. It's a bit of a tight squeeze getting it out and it could easily be scratched if not covered.
So, what do these look like? Where did you get them? How much did they cost? Do you have a picture of them installed? I might like some of these also.
m3456y, has done his so many times he can do it in his sleep. Give him a p/m and i'm sure he'll walk you through it. He says it's a no brainer.