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How to transport purchased vehicle from out of state?


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17 April 2000
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Are you allowed to drive your vehicle without a registration if you purchase it from out of your home state? I've heard that you are allowed to drive the car for 10 days after the purchase?
Im not so sure that it is "legal" but I drove mine home from St louis to Chicago, w/o plates etc. If you are buying it from a dealer, they can give you a temp transport sticker that is only good for 10 days! Try going to the sec of state and getting one of those!


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I'm on business trip and want to close the deal out here if I could....I should have thought about this earlier...doh!
If you are buying it from a dealer, they can give you a temp transport sticker that is only good for 10 days! Try going to the sec of state and getting one of those!

Yes, that's a good idea. Also, in most states, the Department of Motor Vehicles (what we here in Illinois refer to as the Secretary of State's office, as Steve notes) has a pretty good website where you may find answers to questions like this. Also they usually list their office locations where you can go to get the temporary registration or whatever it's called.
I called up the secretary of state and the person I spoke to had no knowledge of such thing as temp registration... I also could not find anything regarding it on their website...any idea? The worst comes to worst, I'll just put the plate from my car and put it on it to drive back. BTW, the car i'm considering is owned by a private party. Any idea/?

Nevermind my last message. I found a page containing some info. According to it though, it only offer permits for a buyer who wants to purchase a car in IL and move it to somewhere else....so I guess I'll have to look into something in GA...darn.
Unfortunately, the section of the website for the Georgia DMV that talks about registrations is under construction
at http://www2.state.ga.us/departments/dmvs/registration/

The section that talks about titles is complete and does say that, as a non-resident, you don't have to get a title in Georgia.

I looked up one of the counties in http://www2.state.ga.us/departments/dmvs/counties/ and it says that newly-acquired vehicles must be registered within 30 days. This implies that, if you're buying a car there and driving it back home within a few days, you don't need to have a plate or tag.

However, if you put some kind of plate on it, you might be less likely to get stopped on the way home...

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sounds like putting an existing plate and just driving it off will work, maybe try to borrow the plate thats on the car now from the current owner and promise to ship it back when you get home. (I would trust someone that just paid me what an NSX is worth with a tag for a week)

if you get your own insurance on the car the current owner should not have to worry about being liable for anything, however if you put your own plate on the car and get stopped, I bet you the cop will love to hear that story
Here in Georgia we have cars driving around all the time with no plate at all. Until just recently there was no requirement what-so-ever for carrying a plate on a car for 30 days after you bought it. This year they require that you have a piece of paper with a date 30 days from your purchase date on your car.

So earlier when I bought a car The dealer gave me the dealer advertizment plate with a 30 day date on it. After 30 days I had not received my registration and plate yet. So he told me to just change the date on the piece of paper

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Another thought - I would make sure you have a copy of the signed title and/or bill of sale with you in the car.
Thanks for the inputs guys. I will either take my own plate or get the temp reg from IL DMV. The temp reg isn't for IL resident driving from other state, but I guess it's better than nothing. As NSXtacy said, i should be safe as long as I have a good proof of the ownership....seems like my deal is pretty solid and going down next week.
A word of warning if you buy an NSX from an individual in Florida to take home: negotiate the use of the tags on the car before making a deal. I almost had to leave my NSX in Miami after flying in with a cashier's check because the bug-up-his-ass owner wouldn't let me borrow his tags for two days to get home. Florida law is clear - if you take delivery of a car there, even if you don't live there, you must tag it and pay sales tax on it. The only option to avoid this is to have it delivered to you. Well, not the only option when you are good friends with a tag agent in Oklahoma where I ended up tagging and titling it over the phone...

However, driving from Miami to Houston in your first NSX with no paperwork, and a handwritten tag does not allow for spirited driving. My wife and I agonizingly drove the speed limit the entire way home!