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How would I fare?

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Aug 31, 2001
Rockford , IL
After reading a previos post about a harrassing Mustang driver.. I began to wonder how I would fare against this car. A couple years ago I bought a 1998 3000 GT SL and began getting harrassed by kids in Mustangs every week or so. Well.. they can afford the inexpensive powerhorse so they tend to abuse the car and traffic around them. Anyways, I know I can beat the base Mustangs without problems.. How would my car fare against a Mustang GT?

I would do it on a track of course b/c I do not street race any longer.

I think the Stang GT runs around 260HP?? or something..

My car has been modified somewhat. Filter intake performance kit. Unorthodox UDrive Pulley. Exhaust.. thats about it. I may be near the same HP. My car is FWD and I think those rustangs are RWD.. Wont they spin at the start? I think it would be a good race but I highly prefer my MINT car over any stang.

BTW... My love is the Acura NSX and I will have one as soon as possible. This is a great site and I think that the NSX, 3kGT&Vr4 are two of the best looking cars out there for under 100k. I really dislike firebirds, camaros, and mustangs.. just seem a bit cheap inside and out to me..