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hp evo's tire rubbing issue

6 June 2004
Montreal, Quebec . Canada
this is what i have 225/35/18 in the front and 275/30/19 in the rear. now my question is if any one has experianced rubbing. i get rubbing when i go over a little bump also when im in a hard curb like an exit of a highway, when i backing up to paralelle park and a constant small rub coming from the right side of the car while driving in a straight line.
Did you get the right offset/width wheels? Did you lower the car, if so how low? Has your car been in an accident before? Where are you rubbing when going over a bump, front or rear?
the offset is 38 all around and im using a 3ml spacer to clear the breaks calipers. also the car is lowered 1.5 inches all around. i checked where im rubbing and its rubbing in the front wheel well on this little lip that is sticking out infront of the mag, this lip is right over this plastic grill in the wheel well if you check your wheel well you see what im talking about
Rubbing reports by those using 225/35-18 are fairly common. Try switching your front tires with ones that are 215/35-18 size.
I agree. Try 215/35/18. I had that problem as well. If you still have brake clearance with your setup, go with a smaller spacer as well.
Yes take a hammer and beat down or up all the places where your too tall tire rubs.If you are on lowering springs but the stockers back on,take a sharp knife and shave the tire down to the wear bars :wink: In reality what else do you think you could do?Either change the tires now or deal with it for 10-15 k miles untill you're ready for a front tire change.
Iv'e done that and you don't want the reverse dings that occure every time you hit some small pebbles that pepper the underside of the fender.Some body on prime actualy sprayed more rubberized goop in there but I doubt that will protect against all dings.
saint2709 said:
i already bought and installed the tires so i cant just change them.
Of course you can. You just didn't get good advice when you bought them. Spend another few hundred bucks and this time get the right size tires for your car.
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saint2709 said:
i already bought and installed the tires so i cant just change them. isn`t there
something else that can be done

What part of the tire is rubbing on what part of the inner wheel well?
I have the same tire and eibachs and Konis lowered 1.25 up front and THE ONLY time it rubbed was under full lock turns. It never rubbed at the track or on sharp turns at all.. I have 2mm spacers on the fronts now and It does not rub under any circumstance. The tire was rubbing at the tire well corner, bottom at the rear.

I can honestly say that not only does the car look better with the bigger tires, it handles better as well.
ok i went and checkin the parts catalog offered by prime its in body/frontfender/ referance number 15 i believe its called the front cowl.
theres a piece kind of like a lip at the top of this cowl that my tire is rubbing on