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I got new wheels

6 November 2003
Hey SF Bay Area guys, I bought new wheels for the NSX. I'll have them on the car for our next lunch if you want to see them (i know, for those of you who know me, I said "no mods"...oh well), but I want to sell my OEM seven spokes with tires. I will post them in the prime for sale forum soon, but wanted to offer them up for locals before I put them in the classifieds. They are in good condition, only one wheel has minor curb rash. PM me if you are interested. If I get no interest in a couple of days, I'll just post in the for sale section.

So...which wheels did I get? Hmmm...any guesses? If you surf prime as much as I do, then it will only take you a few seconds to figure out.
Congrats on the wheels! Is your new avatar a Fikse wheel? If I had to go with the popular vote my guess would be that you bought a set of Volks.