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I need a little help with reverse lights

21 July 2022
Took my car to stereo shop to have them finish a stereo install. The installer called and said the reverse camera is not working. The tech said he is not getting any power to the reverse lights. He check the fuse number 5 fuse and said it was good. Any idea what it could be?

Full disclosure I unhooked and got rid of the disc player and the small metal box that was located beside it, pulled out the factory radio head unit myself before delivering the car to them. Is there anyway I disconnected something I wasn't suppose to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Any idea where where the grounds are?
Is there any where i can can get this back up light switch that may work for the NSX, they are on national back order.
AutoZone, advanced auto?
Is it interchangeable with another backup switch?

If you have not already done this, you can confirm that the problem is a defective switch by pulling back the rubber boot and shorting the terminals of the switch together. That should cause the lights to operate. If not, the problem is somewhere else. No point in ordering a new switch if the problem is not the switch.

With luck, the problem might be a broken wire to the switch terminals and that might be repairable. Pull back the rubber boot and examine.

RockAuto lists replacement switches if you are OK with going aftermarket