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I need to vent so here goes....

3 March 2005
Tampa, Florida
I purchased a 2005 car a few weeks ago.

I took the car home with 35 miles on the odometer. Here are a few bugs I took the car back for last week.

1) Driver's side window leaked front lower corner (claim it is normal I have to live with it)

2) Shift boot thread was unraveling (repaired)

3) Steering mis-aligned (repaired)

4) Stereo had a bad crackle/popping sound from right front side, especially when listening to high vocals or talk. I showed it to the dealer on a Friday and reproduced the problem with service advisor in the car. They waited til the following Thursday to order a new door speaker. I think they should have done this the first day I brought the car in but that's a whole other issue. They replaced the driver door speaker but problem is still there. Now they are replacing the center sub/speaker. The svc. rep tells me there is no separate amp. it is a powered center sub. They cannot order a new head unit until they try this step. So fat the car has spent 7 service days in the shop. I am going to go through a few days without the car, waiting for them to figue out the problem.
5) Rattle in driver side door and wind noise. (Can't re-produce)

Now I know this is a hand built car so I can live with all of this as long as it gets repaired within reason. I know that some parts will not be perfect cosmetically, and the car will have a little "character" of it's own as it is a hand built super car. What I am having a hard time understanding is why it took 35 miles of "test driving" to diagnose a few of the items on my punch list. The dealer General Manager claims this is normal and also claims this is also acceptable to Acura.

Anyone out there think this is acceptable? I am a novice when it comes to this but 35 mi. seems unnecessary high to listen for a rattle, wind noise and bad alignment. The window leak is visible when you spray water on the car, and the stereo meeses up at a standstill. I did put new exhausts on the car, but do not think you need 35 miles to check if they are on right or to see a shift boot unraveled.
first of all congrats on the 05 purchase.

i've experienced the same problem with my dealer. unfortunately, many of us have found our cars have taken 'extended' test drives while in for service. in my opinion, no justification for this, but what's done is done. i made sure i let the dealer know that i was aware of the mileage and didn't appreciate it at all. And though there really was nothing that could be done about it, it did leave an impression with them that i was watching and it never happened again. actually, the mechanic, dealership and i developed a long and trusted relationship from that point on.

it sucks, but it shouldn't happen again. maybe even mention the situation when you take it back for your next service.

good luck on fixing the problems. the window sounds fishy to me. that sounds ludicrous that it is common to leak? maybe on an older car, but brand new?? and the stereo?? and STEERING?? something is wrong here.

i'd request a new one.
Leaking water is not normal and should be fixed. My 96 never leaked and neither does my 97. Wind noise can be adjusted out. As far as the radio is concerned I would think after the speaker change that the head unit would be next but I'm not an expert.
I'm not sure whether you are objecting to the car having problems, or the 35 miles on the odometer.

It's normal for new NSXs to arrive at the dealership with 35 miles on the odometer. It does not mean that the dealership used those miles to inspect the car for problems.

The window should NOT leak. Since your car is under warranty, you can take it to any Acura dealer to get the problems fixed. If you're not already taking your car to Goodson Acura, try them. They do more NSX service work than any other dealer in Texas, and they really know the car and what is normal for it.

Sorry to hear about the problems. They are not typical for a new car. Hopefully, they will get diagnosed and fixed and you will be happy with your new NSX.
Thx for the feedback is it slightly annoying.

I took delivery at 35 miles, which I have no problem with. I dropped it off to fix the laundry list of issues at 480 miles, when I picked it up they it had 515 miles on the odometer. They burned 35 miles "test driving."
I hate to be the lone, dissenting, unpopular voice. But since I usually
am, here's my .02 from the other side of the toolbox.

It is probabally reasonable to expect it to take 2-3 mils of driving to duplicate the noise, assuming he can. Add to that the mile or two it may take getting two and from the only place he can drive fast enough which is hopefully an interstate or other safe road. So 5 or 6 miles seems reasonable. Now that he has found the problem and hopefully fixed it, he needs to test drive it to be sure. Letting a customer do the verification is just plain sloppy. So now you have 10 to 12 miles and may have to double it or more for multiple problems.
Can you find all the problems on one test drive, fix them all and then verify your work on just one more test drive? We all know that some people multi-task better than others, and with some difficult diagnosis' its hard to combine drives. The best techs would all rather be fixing (and getting paid) than driving (and not getting paid).

Remember, warranty pays very little for diagnosis of abstract problems like noise, especially when there are few or no defective parts to turn in as proof. This, of course, sucks- for both the consumer and the tech. Yo need to biuld
a relationship of trust with whoever services your car. Once you have, you will not have problems with miles etc., as long as your car gets fixed.

And, if the dealer who has tried thrice, fails, I would try another dealer. You are lucky- In your city you have choices and your warranty has equal strength at any Acura dealer regardless of where it was purchased. If you go to another dealer, and the service adviser asks, 'did you buy the car here?', smile and say, 'no- but I am looking for a better dealer now that would like my bussiness'.

Also, I am truly sorry that your initial experiance with the car and the dealer were not good. I really hate stories like this. I also hate people who test drive our cars for fun or ???. I REALLY hope all is resolved soon.

Good Luck,
I guess the biggest problem I have is that how the hell a 2005 nsx getting to that bad shape. I have problems on my 91, bring it to my buddy/honda tech. He'll either fix it, or tell me such and such part is too old, 14 yrs old car, what do I expect.

Didn't ALL nsx had been test driven for QC right off the factory assemble line? Sure the nsx book showed the guy driving a nsx-R through some special road surfaces looking for squeaking... I mean, the problem he's having shouldn't even show up in any lesser Acura models. Heck, my honda accord when I purchased in 95 doesn't have that much problem either...
not to get too far off-topic, but there is some relevance to my story.
i just bought an 05 odyssey touring (commence laughter) actually it's a great vehicle for the kids. anyhow, the passengers side door was not shutting properly. long story short, they had to have 4 techs and a manager fly out from Honda America in California to assess the problem. they were able to fix it and were more than accomodating for the trouble (they credited me $1600). now the dealer on the other hand will never get my business again. (like i said, long story).

my point is, you should call Acura and open a case file with them. they need to hear about these types of things and will make sure that you get taken care of properly. the steering alignment and window leaking concern me. i'm sure it will concern Acura as well. with the NSX, you definitely will (and should) get the best treatment.

Congrats on you new '05. BTW, are you going to get a clear bra installed?

As far as the problems you've had... My '05 had 75 miles on it when I got it. But 25 to 50 miles on a new NSX is not uncommon. I haven't had any leaking like you described, but do get a little rattling noise sometimes between the seats and the engine compartment. Also, I haven't noticed any popping sound from the speakers either, but I don't play the stereo too load.

Good luck with getting the problems resolved.
graemeg said:
Now they are replacing the center sub/speaker. The svc. rep tells me there is no separate amp. it is a powered center sub.

The center speaker is not a sub, it is a small(about 3") center channel that is powered by the same amp that the lower frequency driver in the passenger footwell is on. The center speaker only plays high frequency.
Between these discrepancies and the others including the window leak(which not even my 92 does), I would certainly find a new dealership that has actual knowledge of the NSX.
graemeg said:
I took delivery at 35 miles, which I have no problem with. I dropped it off to fix the laundry list of issues at 480 miles, when I picked it up they it had 515 miles on the odometer. They burned 35 miles "test driving."
Thanks for the clarification. It's ironic that they drove the same number of miles that the car had when it arrived from the factory...
i have had two nsx - a 96 and a 98 and have never had wind noise. one sympton is that the driver side window may not be closing all the way. one way to check is open the door and then try to raise the window.

but all the problems are totally unacceptable. and acura will agree. i guess you just have to find the right dealer. and don't give up till you're happy. this is one of the greatest cars on the planet. :biggrin:
Don't vent, just be assertive!

hmmm... Very unfortunate to hear of the problems you are having w/ the 2005 NSX-T. It's wise to keep it in perspective, that these issues are very very minor (but not excusable either). As others have mentioned, it's perhaps time to look into another dealership for warranty service and also to contact Acura's corporate office to just let them know of the inconvenience and dissatisfaction you have experienced.

On lighter note... The 'mystery' miles that appear on the car taken in for the problems you listed (breached window seal, stereo speaker crackling, and alignment/shift boot being not upto par) doesn't seem to add up. All I can think of is what MB suggested, multiple runs were needed to see if the technicians efforts were effective for the wind noise coming from the window (have to get it upto highway speed and all :D )


Re: Don't vent, just be assertive!

Maybe he spent all that time driving around looking for a mud puddle to hit to check out the window leaking issue?
graemeg said:
5) Rattle in driver side door and wind noise. (Can't re-produce)
Wind noise at high speeds (usually 100+ mph - which might explain why you are having trouble reproducing it, if you are only trying at lower speeds) is a fairly common problem in the NSX. It can be eliminated by properly adjusting the door glass. The procedure is in the service manual, under Body - Doors - Glass Adjustment.
I'm with MB, most dealerships are positioned in areas of such congestion that you have to drive miles out, in order to manage a highway speed test drive...secondly have you been introduced to the tech working on your car? There may be miscommunication between them and your service consultant..most Fridays are spent finishing up the weeks work, not starting on new cars. NSX techs are specialized and there may have been a car or two a head of yours already. Normally they don't work on each others car either... so as NSXLuvr can tell you, when your tech breaks his leg, it may be a few days before he can finish up your mods.....
Hope you are enjoying your new car,
The car is back in the shop for the sound system noise. There is a persistent crackle coming from the passenger side.

Took delivery of 2005 car March 25th. 9.5 days in the shop so far. Not very happy.

1) Replaced right door speaker - did not fix the problem
2) Replaced center - did not fix the problem

They are still trying to diagnose the problem. Now they thin k it's something vibrating in the dash when radio hits a certain frequency.

Does anyone have the address, phone or email of American Honda so I can open a file?

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Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard time at the toll-free number (800) 382-2238

(310) 783-3535

Acura Client Services
1919 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90501-2746

Hope they get everything worked out for you.
Latest update - re: crackle/buzz coming from passeneger side when stereo is playing. Dealer replaced door speaker, did not fix problem, ordered center amp/speaker - did not fix problem. dealer now states the noise is coming from the floorboard. Perhaps "something is rattling" when the stereo hits a certain frequency. "Maybe we need to add some insulation somewhere" is what I was told.

At this point I just want the car back. I have been without it now 42% of the time since taking delivery of a NEW 2005 NSX on March 25th.

Last year, I had a similar buzz/cracking noise when I turned up or down the volume, sometime during normal play and there was no sound coming out from the center speaker. I thought it was the subwoofer amp that needed to be replaced. After dropping off the car for a day at the dealer, they’ve located the problem and ordered a new head unit for me under warrantee. I think the head unit is the source of the problem.
Just picked car back. They put insulation in around the center amp/speaker...problem NOT SOLVED.
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These techs are pretty poor at problem solving. Why haven't they considered it being a poor wire job or the head unit itself? I highly doubt it's some kind of rattle because rattles and popping noises are totally different.
graemeg said:
Just picked car back. They put insulation in around the center amp/speaker...problem NOT SOLVED.

If I don't drive my car for a few weeks and then I take it out and play the stereo I also hear some crackling on the speakers. I fix it by pushing and turning the volume knob at the same time - back and forth right/left/right/left for a a few times. This works for me. I believe the crackling is caused by dirty contacts at the potentiometer (sp?) that controls the volume. Your volume contacts should not be dirty because this is a new car but it wouldn't hurt to try. Good luck!
I'm sorry but this dealership is filled with morones.Do you know what I would do if a dealership put 35 unwarranted miles on my car. I would call American Honda and I would get some resolve. Take some action.Do not allow yourself to be a victim. I am tring to be helpful here. I have had a long day today and in a way I am venting too. Tommorrow get on the phone to Honda and get a hold of the regional service warranty representative. Explain your bitter feeling when dealing with this dealership. You should find another place to have your car serviced. Remember their is no major engine service required on our cars for first 100k miles. Oil changes,tire rotations,filter changes can all be done by yourself or any trusted jiffy lube. Remember our car is a Honda not a Ferrari.Buy the filters from Dali or similar. I will be ordering a ten pack of filters once I get through break in period (500 miles currently on odometer).Begin to feel confortable tinkering with her a bit. Get the NSX-R mess boot and knob install it yourself. Have fun and congratulations on your purchase.